Thursday, June 2, 2016

Castello San Salvatore

Today is an Italian holiday so no trucks on the roads: perfect for routes normally too busy to ride safely.  I took off down SS13 (La Pontebbana) toward Conegliano, but deviated to ride some back roads below Bodega di Sant'Urbano.  Predictably I lost my way a few times but it was still fun.  At Conegliano I turned south toward Susegana.  Just below town there's a sign for Castello San Salvatore so I headed up the hill.  The castle is immersed in prosecco vineyards and beautiful trees.  The entrance was closed but possibly the owners allow visitors a few days per year.  I'll look in to it.  

I decided to stay on the main road for the return trip.  Lots of giant black thunderheads looming toward the mountains.  Finally at Sacile it rained moderately and continued until Castello d'Aviano.  I dried out a little on the remainder of the ride.  Great place to visit.

The castle

Prosecco vineyards

Lovely gate tower

The castle tower

The front gate

Prosecco vineyards to the west

Some of the beautiful trees on the castle grounds

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