Monday, June 13, 2016

Piancavallo-Mezzomonte Paved

Clear sunny morning so I took off for Piancavallo.  I decided I'd continue on to Casera Campo and then turn around at end of pavement.  When I got to the spot however the pavement didn't end.  It kept right on going up the formerly deep-gravel-and-rocks road, past Casera Valle Friz and all the way to the paved road coming up from Mezzomonte.  This is great news because now you can climb up from Polcenigo on a road bike then descend via Piancavallo Road.  Previously the rough descent back to Mezzomonte sucked unless you were on a MTB.   The gravel road toward Il Cansiglio remains, which is probably a good thing if it keeps the car traffic down.

Casera Campo

Casera Valle Friz 

The newly paved road between Campo and Friz

The gap where the hiking trail to Il Cansiglio passes

Heading up toward Col Palse

The turnoff for Mezzomonte

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