Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Slap Kozjak Hike

Short hike near Kobarid, Slovenia.  We parked just across Napoleon Bridge over River Soča.   The trail is very well maintained, an easy 2 km walk.  Nice views of the river and a smaller waterfall along the route.  At the end is a grotto with higher waterfall tumbling into a pretty blue-green pool.  Very nice place.  Access to the grotto was a bit difficult for some older folks who were visiting: slick-rock steps (no hand holds) though later there was via ferrata-style cable on the rock face to hold on to.  

We were very fortunate and arrived during a brief intermission in the rainfall.  Honey and Teddi had a great time exploring.   If you're in the area well worth a visit. 

20-30 meter waterfall along the trail,
with nice rumble

Slap Kozjak: in person the grotto seemed much darker, with
falls and pool illuminated by sunlight through the natural oculus

Marilyn, Honey and Teddi taking a breather

Suspension footbridge over the Soča from the west

Beautiful Soča River; lots of kayakers
but none passing when I took the foto 

 The trail

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  1. Beautiful area. Would like to hike it sometimes.