Sunday, September 6, 2015

Passo San Antonio

Back to Comelico near Austria this morning to explore this very useful pass: useful because it bypasses the long, narrow, busy tunnel between San Stefano and Auronzo.  Very scenic as well it turns out.

The climb itself is easy but I had a little trouble with the weather; not storms, as you can see it's crystal clear blue.  I expected somewhat cooler temps due to altitude (the forecast predicted 10℃) so I took my pocket-sized wind vest and some arm warmers.  As it turned out it was 3℃, no problem while climbing but freezing when descending.  I think I got a spot of hypothermia: muddled thinking (even more so than usual), and for some reason I was pedaling very hard on the return trip over the pass (via Danta) but could feel nothing and didn't seem to get warmer.  My mind was blank but survival instinct was working like crazy to warm me up. Very peculiar sensation.  I thawed when I arrived at the car  and all was well.  For the rest of the year I'm taking my jacket, leg warmers and balaclava on every ride.     

Cloud cover over Auronzo, seen from above 

Monte Popera west of Padola

Croda dei Longerin

Monte Popera from Padola

Monte Popera from Candide

From Candide looking southeast

Candide from Torrente di Padola bridge

San Nicolo di Comelico

Monte Brentoni from Torrente di Padola bridge

3 or 4℃, not counting wind chill 

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