Friday, September 11, 2015

Malga Cuar MTB

I've wanted to climb up here a long time but never got around to it.  I parked in Avesins and took the old road to Cjanet.  Up the switchbacks till the junction with the dirt forestry road to Cuel di Forchia.  This was actually the toughest part of the climb, though I've ridden it before (last year I think).  At Cuel di Forchia you ascend on the paved road awhile till the sign for Malga Cuar.  

This next section is one of the nicer dirt roads I've climbed, smoothly switchbacked for an easy gradient.  After awhile you transition away from the sunny side and head into tall fir forest.  I tried to speed up a little to stay warm.  Eventually it levels out to a grassy road, like an English ride.  Very pleasant.  A few cows were wandering around munching the greenery.  Soon the scenery opens up with views of Alpi Giulia, Lago di Cavazzo, and immediately to the south, Monte Flagjel and Monte Cuar.  You can hike up to the two summits but as far as I know it's unbikeable. 

From Malga Cuar I tried to continue on the road to Malga Flagjel but never found it.  I arrived at some steep downhill concrete ramps and turned around: those will be for another day.  I found a rough turn off heading south and ascended steeply to 1385 meters but the path ended in a vertical drop off.  I'm guessing it was a logging road years ago.

So I headed back down the way I came which was great fun.  There are numerous routes in this area I have barely tapped.  I will be back. 

 View to northwest

The malga

Monte Flagjel grassy northern slopes

View west

Monte Cuar to southeast

Monte San Simeone and Monte Festa above Lago di Cavazzo

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