Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Boscars da Via Guitcillo da Montanar MTB

I drove to Villa di Villa  and MTB'ed up through Sarmede to Montanar.  Here I turned right and went up the insane pendenza of Via Guitcillo da Montanar.  Continued without stopping to end of the road at 850 meters.  Now I began pushing the bike up a heavily-overgrown hunters footpath.  It hasn't been used much lately and I cleared debris out of the way as best I could while keeping the bike from rolling back down the incline.  Finally emerged onto a dirt road at 880 meters.  Out of curiosity I rode right to end of the road and a lovely house.  The occupants must arrive from the north when they visit because every other direction involves bushwacking.

I turned around and headed up a dirt and gravel road to a junction with the strada provinciale from Vittorio Veneto to Il Cansiglio (near Casera Val di Vacca).  Headed downhill briefly until Val Salega (on your left is a place called La Lanterna).  Then you turn right onto a very steep concrete ramp, do the limbo under a barrier and try to restart.  This is even more of a killer than Via Guitcillo da Montanar: I had to stop to breathe several times.  After topping out at 1200 meters at Boscars it drops down to the road connecting La Crosetta with Monte Pizzoc.  I turned toward La Crosetta and then took Strada delle Patriarche down to Villa di Villa.  The top half of this has been recently repaved and is fantastic to ride.

At the car I was happy to see Paul Kim riding by and he stopped to fill me in on some of his touring.  He's been riding to some incredible far-away places, with more to come.   

Great ride.  There are so many dirt roads up here still unexplored- I'll definitely be back soon.   

Monte Pizzoc from end of Via Guitcillo da Montanar

Lovely house at end of Via Guitcillo da Montanar

The lower half

The upper half

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