Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Col Tre Torre MTB

Rode my MTB down to Aviano to get a haircut this morning and didn't have anything else to do so I rode up toward Piancavallo.  At the antenna farm of Castaldia I hung a right and got on the gravel road along Passegiata delle Malghe, up past Casera Valfredda to the hill with 3 antenna towers (1515 meters), which I see everyday out my back window.  Very fun ride and not as rough a road as I expected.  

Coming down I turned at Rifugio Bornass and coasted down the back way.  Alternatively there are some trails down to Marsure I might try riding someday: Sentiero Viath Luonc (from Valfredda) and Sentiero Costa Longa (from Forcella di Giais).  Look pretty tough.

Note: my 5-year old Garmin Edge 500 has been a little gimpy lately so I took along a new GPS, Garmin Oregon 600.  Worked well but I need to learn more about it, it's more complicated.    

Looking back at Candaglia

Casera del Barzan

Casera Valfredda.  Monte Cavallo group in background

From Col Tre Torre: Monte Ressetum on the horizon

Pala Fontana 1637 meters

Southern-most tower, I always see it from the back window

Middle tower, also visible from our house

Grassy meadows northwest of Forcella di Giais 

3rd tower a bit north, don't recall seeing it before

To the right of Pala Fontana is Forcella di Giais

The round-top peak on the right is Monte Ciastelat

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