Saturday, April 12, 2014

Val de Croda

Another favorite local climb- down past Castello d'Aviano to the railroad tracks at 70 meters, then climb up through Budoia and Dardago, past Il Rifugio and Chalet restaurants, chiesa San Tome, the croda (cliffs) to end of pavement at 537 meters.  Excellent workout.  This summer I'll try descending from Piancavallo via the gravel road that ends at the 537 meter point- that should be fun.  Also checked out a trailhead at 520 meters that leads to the hiking trail above Mezzomonte's cemetery, to Valle Friz (1500 meters) and Pian Canaie in Cansiglio.  More explorations to pursue.

Followers of Socrates leaving cryptic messages along our trails;
this was also printed in German, French and Cyrillic 

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