Friday, April 4, 2014

Casa Cadolten MTB

This is a new MTB route up to Il Cansiglio.  It begins in Sonego, a frazione di Fregona, near the left turn for Grotte Cagliaron.   Instead of turning left go straight up the hill on Via Col de Casal.  This is an old dirt road that is so steep they have concreted much of it so the rain doesn't wash it away.  It's so steep after awhile I couldn't climb seated even in the lowest gear, 24x36.  I could climb standing in 24x36 on the concrete but the dirt was too loose to get traction.  So I climbed seated for a few hundred meters, stopped to hyperventilate, then climbed seated some more till I had to stop again.  It was a killer.

Luckily the weather was perfect, cool and not too sunny, which helped a lot.  Finally the road reaches a flattish area around 1200 meters.  The road continues in a rolling profile now, with more concrete on the steeper bits.  Reached my destination Casa Cadolten, a Corpo Forestale outpost.  A little further through the faggio forest I reached the road to Monte Pizzoc and Il Cansiglio.  I put all my cold weather gear back on and descended to La Crosetta and then down to Sarone.  Got scary on the descent when I rounded a curve and some deer were in the road- locked up the rear tire which fishtailed a bit.  The deer hopped over the guardrail and escaped.  Good ride home, though quite warm, so I stripped down to shorts and thin shirt.  I will try this in the opposite direction next time, maybe climbing up the branch from Osigo.   

Just above Sonego, maybe 400-500 meters high

Turn off for descent to Osigo around 650 meters;
today instead I headed uphill

Sant'Antonio chapel around 970 meters
Col Visentin from near Sant'Antonio

Higher up the landscape changes to grassy hilltops

Looking back you see the box canyon you've been climbing up

Finally levels out a little at the trailhead for sentiero 1036a

Casa Forestale Cadolten

High above is Monte Pizzoc

Snowy junction at 1300 meters

The steep section 

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