Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monte Fara Hike

Drove with the pups past Bosplans near the road closed barrier (landslides).  We hiked up the beautiful ridge trail from Forcella la Croce to Vetta Monte Fara at 1342 meters.  The pups had a great time trying to pick the correct trail route by sniffing.  Honey seemed to be the champion sniffer on the ascent, then Teddi took over.  From the vetta we briefly followed the trail toward Molassa, but soon turned right onto the disused trail to Malga Fara.  The red and white trailblazes are fewer and are faded, covered by snow in many sections.  Luckily Teddi came through and found the way with no problems.  The old trail eventually joins a logging road from which you can see the malga maybe 100 meters below.  My back was hurting ( I tweaked it somewhere along the way) so I decided to try the dirt road to avoid this steep slope.  After maybe 10 minutes of hiking away from the malga I decided the dirt road wasn't going to double back so I headed down through a steep meadow blanketed in crocuses.  I went slowly and my back survived.  Then down the paved road from the  malga to our car.  Great hike- may try the climb from Molassa or from near Ravedis dam next time.

Morning mist rising from Andreis

Monte Raut early morning sun

Monte Jouf cliffs; you can hike the gap between
Monte Fara and Jouf via Ravedis trail

Honey alerting on a possible threat (a middle-aged couple on a hike)

Teddi surveys the panorama from the summit she conquered

Across Valcellina gorge, with Giais in left background

The bridge across Lago di Ravedis on road to Barcis

Montereale and Torrente Cellina 

The marker for turnoff to old trail to Malga Fara

Fading fast but this signs the trail to Malga Fara

Monte Raut and Monte Castello in midday sun

Monte Castello and Valcellina east range above Andreis 

Malga Fara with Monte Raut as backdrop

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