Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Climb

The ridge road from Frisanco to Valdistali is one of the prettiest rides in our area.  Lots of wildflowers, mountain views,  and a fun rolling profile.  The road heads down steeply at Valdistali toward Fiume Meduna, so I've always turned around and headed back toward Frisanco.  But today I thought I'd see how far down it goes.  It steeply twisted downward and I began to worry, until pavement ended at Forcella.  I put on my cleat covers and searched for a trail to Preplans, a village above the Meduna, but the slopes were almost vertical on 3 sides so I headed back up.  Wasn't as bad as I expected but still a good workout.  I'll try to reach Preplans on the mountain bike from Meduno- apparently there is a little bridge across the river at Paludea, and then a brief steep climb to Preplans. 


Madonna del Stangada church along the ridge

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