Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cascate d'Arzino Hike

I tried to visit this cascade last year after crossing Monte Rest and ascending Sella Chiampon, but I turned too soon and  instead reached the spring where Torrente Arzino originates.  Today I decided to drive up from Anduins, park at the Val Preone junction (Sella Chiampon road) and hike to the cascade turnoff.  The dogs were much happier with this plan- they got a wilderness hike!

After a hundred meters or so this plan was dashed- a huge avalanche had wiped out the road.  I doubt it will be reopened anytime soon.  So I went with Plan C, driving down to the settlement of Pozzis, fording the river on foot and hiking along the Arzino to the falls.  The river was moving swiftly, filled with snowmelt and the flat rocks of the ford were very slippery, so I went upstream a few meters to cross on rounder cobbles.   I was carrying a dog under each arm and only had one sharp-edged rock that gave me cause for concern.  Afterward, I put my shoes back on and headed along the river bank.  This would be a decent gravel path for a mountain bike.  There is also a gravel road higher up the south bank, extending all the way down to the Pordenone province line, where a bridge crosses the Arzino: may try that someday.

Soon you reach the beautiful cascades which are quite full of water in Spring.  The river roars over 4 or 5 consecutive falls, separated by short stretches of flatter water.  The forestry corps has built nice bridges and wooden guardrails on the trails along the falls so it's safe for families.

The pups set a blistering pace back to the ford, where they enjoyed being carried as I hobbled over slick pointy stones.   Good hike!

Huge avalanche on Val Preone road

The lighter material in the avalanche is dirty ice
Some pretty wildflowers along the riverbank
This is Torrente Arzino above the falls
Two plunges in close succession
Close up of upper falls
Two of the middle falls
From the bridge on the middle falls;
strong low-pitched rumble here
Lower falls
Pool and rapids below lower falls
Honey and Teddi enjoying the cascate
Teddi is fascinated by white water
This is the ford; I crossed the wider rocky area on the right
to avoid the slippery surface of the flat ford stone

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