Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vivaro - Cordenons Loop

Yesterday, the morning after snowshoeing, my legs were hurting in places I didn't know existed before.  So I decided to take an easy walk with the pups on the bike trail to Malnisio to help get the kinks out.  Then today they felt a little better but it was threatening to rain so I picked a short local ride.  I cruised down the long straight slightly-downhill road to Vivaro, then turned west and crossed i Magredi della Cellina to San Foca.  From here cruised down to San Quirino and the back road to Cordenons.  I turned west   again trying to reach the main road toward Villa d'Arca, but turned too soon and got lost on dirt roads.  It was kind of fun, like a mini-Eroica ride.  I eventually blundered back onto pavement and headed north to San Quirino, San Foca, San Leonardo, and Malnisio.  Fun ride! 

Nothing to do with today's ride, but here are pics from our walk on the bike trail yesterday:

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