Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A surprise sunny day with many hibernating bikers emerging, blinking from their dens.  Decided to look for a road I've seen from the climb up to Pian dei Grassi above Vittorio Veneto.  When looking across the gorge toward Monte Pizzoc I've noticed this road and some houses about halfway up the hill.  Never could figure out how to get there until today.  North of Vittorio Veneto, about 100 meters before you turn left toward Valdobbiadene, there is a small street off to the right marked Santa Giustina.  Immediately after the bridge over the Meschio you reach the 12th century church, and then head left up the hill.  The road is beautiful with nice switchbacks climbing up a couple of km.  Then after a brief easy gradient comes a series of steep ramps, topping out at 424 meters above the settlement of Maren.  A concrete road to your left ascends very steeply, and on your right a semi-paved road which descends to a stream and turns to mud.  Both of these look fun to mountain bike, and might connect to the roads above Grotto di Caglieron.  The ride home was fun but long. 
Turn right here

12th-century Santa Giustina 

Vineyard below Maren; in background Col Visentin on left,
Monte Dolada on the right 

On the opposite side of the gorge, the climb up to Pian dei Grassi

Close up Col Visentin

Lovely stone building over the crest on Via Scarpedal

Revine Lago across the gorge

Noisy stream along the road

Details of the climb

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