Sunday, February 23, 2014

Torrenti Muie, Chiarzo, Arzino

A gorgeous clear day with chilly temps that warmed up in the afternoon.  I rode a series of climbs along torrents in the nearby mountains.  The first, Bus di Colvera, rises from Maniago toward Poffabro.  From here down Torrente Muie to Fiume Meduna, then north to Torrente Chiarzo.  This road follows a gorge up to Campone, then over a little pass at Piani di Clauzetto.   Now I descended to Pradis di Sotto and climbed again to Pradis di Sopra (near Orton).  The wonderful road down to Pielungo had a deviation at one point because of a slump, but is passable on a bike.   I stopped briefly at Forno with its tiny German cemetery from WWI- maybe 10 meters by 10 meters.  Some little girls were playing there with their little dog Bella.  At Pielungo I joined Torrente Arzino and followed the gorge to Anduins.  Now I headed up toward Vito d'Asio, but turned left toward Celante before reaching town.  This soon reached the curvy road from Clazetto to Travesio, which follows Torrente Cosa.  Now I was on the pianura, and rode through Toppo to the bridge over Fiume Meduna, down through Fanna and Ravedis to home.  Very fun scenic ride.   

Heavy flow through Bus di Colvera

Monte Raut snow

Monte Rodolino above Poffabro

View above Navarons toward Monte Raut 

Beautiful waterfall along Lago Tramonti

View of Monte Valcalda from shore of Lago Tramonti

Monte Rossa from Forno WWI cemetery

Waterfall along Torrente Arzino

Falling water from sulfurous spring,
Rio Barquet after Anduins 

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