Friday, February 21, 2014

Concordia Sagittaria

Another beautiful Spring day in February.  I intended to ride down to Bibione on the Adriatico coast. However at Pordenone I got mixed up trying to find the road to Portogruaro SR251.  I rode around in circles in a couple of neighborhoods then the industrial zone.  After squandering 45 minutes and 15 km I realized I'd been on the right road to begin with and shouldn't have turned off.  I decided to truncate the ride as I didn't want to ride home in the dark.

So instead I rode to Portogruaro and then Concordia Sagittaria.  This is a pretty town along the River Lemene, with some interesting Roman ruins and a very early Christian church.  The sun was out, the weeping willows along the banks were covered with new spring foliage, and the sunshine was warm.  Didn't want to leave, but bore down and rode home as fast as I could.  Very fun ride!

Cathedral di Santo Stefano, finished in 1466

The 11th century baptistry

View from piazza behind church

Colorful marble columns from Roman era

This was the original 3rd century church, next to/below the new one 

Portion of Roman pavement mosaic

Another mosaic 

The campanile is built upon an earlier foundation

One of many sarcofagi, with beautiful carving
Another sarcofago

Little chapel with bits of Roman ruins in the brickwork

Baptistry and campanile

Fiume Lemene with weeping willows

Palazzo on the piazza along the riverfront

Looking across from the east bank

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