Thursday, February 6, 2014


The eye of the storm passed over today, and the sun finally shone after a week of steady rain.  My neighbor advised me to "Profitta dal sole, perche domani torna il brutto."  I left a bit late because I needed to wash the dogs, but once underway I rode hard as possible.  After reaching Pinzano I headed north along the Tagliamento to Peonis, a town on the slope rising from the river.  My original plan was to climb a narrow lane which switchbacks up the mountain to Cjanet, but I ran out of time because I needed to get home to walk the dogs by 1430.  So I rode home as hard as possible too.  Didn't bonk or collapse and had the fastest average speed  I've ever ridden for such a long  rolling ride- 26 kph.  Got home just in time for the dog walk- mission accomplished!  

Rain-swollen Tagliamento with snowy peaks behind 

Close up of the river

Rio Tremugna cascading down the mountainside

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