Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rifugio Dolomieu

Rifugio Dolomieu is a mountain house at 1500 meters on Monte Dolada, towering above the north end of Lago di Santa Croce.  It's a tough climb but sometimes I can do it without stopping.  Not today- it whooped me.  I had to stop 3 times and hang my head over the handlebars to hyperventilate.  But I lived and made it to the beautiful forest at end of pavement.  There were more cars parked here than usual and I noticed a bunch of hangliders and parapendio pilots on the grassy knoll behind Rifugio Dolomieu.   It was a contest where people fly through a series of waypoints before landing.

Made it back down without a flat tire- that's a first in the past 2 weeks.  Great ride home despite threatening thunderclouds.  I shall return.

Rifugio Dolomieu at 1500 meters

Looking down the steep slope at Alpago valley.  Monte Teverone in
background- I saw the east face of it from Monte Medol  the other day.

A few of the picturesque villages of Alpago- a wonderful place

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