Sunday, June 9, 2013

Casa degli Alpini MTB

Beautiful morning to try out the mountain bike.  I intended to ride up the paved road to Marsure's Casa degli Alpini (mountain soldiers), but once I got cruisin down the hill with the wind in my Tevas I rode right past the turnoff, so I took the next right, thinking I could double back.  This turned to dirt/gravel and then got quite steep.  It was a nice chance to try out the bike's climbing prowess.  As it turned out the bike could handle the steep climb better than me, and soon I ended up walking/pushing the bike.  The gravel road eventually turned into a steep narrow trail which I knew was beyond my skills so I turned around.

I got back onto the correct road, also very steep (18%) but paved and easy in 24 X 36.  At the Casa degli Alpini they were having a festa so I turned upward onto another gravel road which soon wore me out and I gave up.  Ride back down was great, bike feels very sturdy, good brakes, gruppo, etc.

Forgot to mention I installed some old bear claw pedals with straps and teeth that stick into rubber soles.  Felt much better having my feet planted securely because the past couple of rides they've been sliding around.    

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