Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pian delle Femene

Pian delle Femene is the perfect climb.  It rises 880 meters in 9 kilometers, averaging 9.7%.   The road is well-made and maintained, with a fairly constant gradient  from start to finish,  climbing through a beautiful wild area with great views. 

I rode down to Vittorio Veneto and turned toward Valdobbiadene.  After Longhere you reach the town of Revine Lago.  Here you turn right.   Climb up out of town past the via crucis below San Francesco church, and the real climb begins.  The only chance to rest is in the switchback ends, where you can soft pedal briefly as you turn upward into the next 10-12% slope.  This goes on for almost 8 continuous kilometers.  

The top is covered in meadows and trees- absolutely beautiful.  I tried a newly paved small road heading west, until I reached a group of slow horseback riders and decided to turn around rather than get stuck behind them.  This road leads eventually to a rifugio called La Posa, but I don't know how much of the road is paved.  Must return on MTB to explore.

Descent was fun and had a tailwind all the way home.  Wonderful ride.  

Beautiful rolling pastureland at top.  Note road to La Posa

Haystacks on poles

View north- you must peep through the fir trees to see Belluno mountains

View of meadows to southwest

On the descent. views of Monte Pizzoc and Pedemontane

Lago Revine from the descent

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