Thursday, June 20, 2013

Monte Medol MTB, Hike

Hot and humid today so I headed for a cool spot in the mountains north of here.  I mountain biked up through Barcis and Valcellina to Arcola.  Here I turned left, crossed the river and began the climb up Val Prescudin to Villa Emma, a forestry service house.  This is a beautiful shaded area with lovely grass, picnic tables, birds singing.  Very peaceful because no cars are permitted.

I turned onto the dirt road up Val di Tasseit, which ends in a 200-meter-long 15% ramp.  At the top (745m) is a little flat spot, and here begins the hiking trail up Monte Medol.  First it crosses Rio Tasseit, then climbs steeply through shady beech forest to 1124 meters.  Great views of the surrounding mountains up here, as well as some beautiful low flower bushes, which I thought might be rhododendron, but not sure.  Descent was fast, but be careful because the path is steep and covered in dry beech leaves, quite slippery.

Descending with a suspension fork was great- I wish I had a lighter version of this for my road bike.  The cold tunnels south of Barcis had fog in them from the condensing humid air- it felt like light rain when going fast.   

Rhododendron (?) with fat bumblebee

Bee visiting a different bunch

Crep Nudo 2200 meters and cloudy

Monte Teverone 2328 meters

Another shot of Teverone

Torrente Prescudin with another gravel road to explore

Monte Venal 2212 meters

Not much to look at but Monte Medol offers great views from the top 

Rugged eroded smaller peaks along Val di Tasseit

Monte Messer 2230  meters in right background

Monte Santander 2184  meters

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