Sunday, June 30, 2013


Last week we visited the Tuscan coast for a few days, with no bike riding but plenty of walking.  So I was a little rusty today but after a nice warm up along Val Natisone from Ponte San Quirino to Kobarid, Slovenia I felt good as new.  At Kobarid I found the road that crosses the Soča River on Ponte di Napoleone, then followed the river to Ladra, where the climb begins.  Up through Smast and Libušnje and then Vrsno.  Here the road coming up from Kamno intersects, and a steep half kilometer of 15% begins.  

When the grade eases up, the road starts traversing almost level for about 2 km, with some beautiful shady beech forest to cool you off.  This comes to an end at a stream crossing, and you hit a kilometer of killer 13%-17% average gradient up to Krn.  This was the toughest part of the climb.  Above Krn the steepness lessens to a mere 9-10% average for a couple of km till end of pavement at Planina Kuhinja.  From here you can hike up to the top of Monte Krn (2245 meters)- see .

I coasted back down and after Kobarid I felt rested so I rode fast as I could back to Ponte San Quirino.  This is a wonderful climb and I'll be back to try some variants soon.  

Looking back at Val Natisone from road to Ladra 

Beautiful church at Libušnje above Soča River

Vrh nad Peski, 2176 meters
Maselnik, 1903 meters

View down the Soča valley toward Gorizia

Monte Matajur, 1385 meters 

Monte Krn on left, 2245 meters

View north up Soča gorge from Ponte di Napoleone

View to the south

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