Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pian dei Grassi

Woke this morning to clear skies and the odd sight of snow covering Pala Fontana, the mountain above our town.  I don't remember this happening in late May previously.  Temps are also unseasonably cold.  I cruised down through Vittorio Veneto and turned toward Revine Lago.  At the first town, Longhere, you take a right turn marked "Fais."  It's immediately steep, and other than a couple of brief dips and tornanti ends, stays that way for the next 12 km.  Worst bit is the village Vizza, with 400 meters averaging 14%, with some 17-18% ramps.  Around 630 meters the country lane turns into a wide modern road- excellent!  The road mostly stays around 8% from here on, with some 11-12% stretches.  Lots of Sunday bikers, hikers out today; during the week this road is virtually deserted.

The pavement ends at 1217 meters, though there is a side road that will take you up to Monte Cor at 1300.  Today I was beat so I turned around.  Had a nice tailwind from Vittorio Veneto to Fiaschetta- that helped.  The gathering black clouds finally sprinkled a little as I reached Giais, then after I was safely home it started raining.  Very lucky!  This is a good hard climb. 

Vittorio Veneto and the prosecco zone;
too hazy to see Laguna di Venezia today.

Col Visentin on upper left and Monte Pizzoc on the right

Beautiful pedemontane between Caneva and Vittorio Veneto

Ca' Andrea rifugio at Pian dei Grassi

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