Sunday, May 12, 2013

Monte Pizzoc da Villa a Villa

Heavy rains yesterday washed all the haze from the sky, and this morning was crystal clear.  I headed through Caneva to Villa a Villa and began the climb.  This is probably the prettiest of the southern approaches to il Cansiglio, as well as the least-travelled and shadiest.  Despite the shady stretches I was very hot until 750 meters, where I submerged into a thick, dark, and cool beech forest.  This wonderful environment continues to 950 meters where you join the road coming up from Sarone.  The beech forest also continues, though the trees are a bit further apart. 

After La Crosetta you descend briefly and then turn left toward Monte Pizzoc.  They've paved this road recently so it's very smooth.  The high beech forest is even more spectacular, with tall, thick trees and mossy karst-stone understory.  Around 1400 meters the forest gives way to alpine meadows.  Now big thunderheads were forming overhead, but still with beautiful clear views across the plain to the Adriatic coast curving from Istria to Venice.  Quite cold up here- everyone was wearing parkas with hoods. 

I descended rapidly to Sarone then it rained until I reached Polcenigo.  It actually felt pretty good, maybe because I was still euphoric.  My wet clothes dried out on the remaining ride home, keeping me from overheating.  Great ride!

Gorgeous alpine meadows

The plains below stretching east, Adriatico in background

Grassy meadows of Piancansiglio, backed by Monte Cavallo group

Prosecco valley stretching west from Lago Revine toward Valdobbiadene

Vittorio Veneto, the prosecco zone, Il Montello,
Venice laguna in background

Thunderheads getting bigger, time to descend

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