Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Tried to get in a quick ride before the rain.  Very bad storm yesterday afternoon- hail damaged my neighbor Tony's son's car on their way up here from Venezia.  Also took out our internet service until 1400 today. 

I left early with wind jacket- it's 50℉ in late May in Italy.  After Meduno headed across Lago di Tramonti dam and then up Val Silisias to Lago Ca' Selva.  Both lakes are very full with sluices wide open to let the water out.  I don't remember seeing that before.  After crossing Ca' Selva dam I headed up a short gravel stretch and then the main attraction- the 1 km paved road averaging 14% up to Panuch (645 meters).  The road is shady, damp, slippery with wet leaves, with drainage grates wider than my tires.  In other words, great fun!  I made it up to the little bridge at 600 meters before stopping to rest my head on the handlebars and pant for 5 minutes.  Refreshed, I assaulted the remaining climb, stopping at the highpoint, Panuch, to do some more hyperventilating.  You can continue down to near lake level where the road turns to gravel, but I was whooped today.

Sped home and beat most of the rain except for some drizzle at Montereale.  Good medium ride. 

Open sluices at Ca' Selva dam on Torrente Silisias

Roaring water interrupting the silence of Val Silisias

Looking north across full-to-the-brim Lago Ca' Selva

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