Friday, May 3, 2013

Osservatorio Tigre

Today I revisited an area Marilyn and I hiked with our dog when we lived in Castelnovo del Friuli (1995).  After riding from Meduno to the west edge of Travesio I turned left on a road marked Alle Genziane Agriturismo (a restaurant).  Ascend steeply to a junction with a road coming from the left marked Palestra di Roccia (rock climbing school).  Bear to the right, continuing to Alle Genziane.  Now climb onward to another fork, bear left avoiding the road marked Poligono (firing range).  The climb continues to a junction: turn left on road marked Osservatorio Tigre (with warning to use Low Gear and 4-wheel drive).  Follow this road up to end of pavement, 552 meters, at an abandoned Italian Army observation post.  I had to stop and walk maybe a 100 meters on this section; I was beat already and the 20% ramp was too much today.

The descent was fun, and I varied the route by following the signs toward the Palestra di Roccia, which takes you back to the main road for Meduno.  Fun ride with a tough climb to test yourself. 

Alle Genziane

20% ramp before the summit

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