Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Monte Valinis

Rained all morning but around noon the sun popped out so I pulled my bike gear on and took off.  As I passed Cavasso Nuovo toward Meduno 2 guys coming the other way waved me off and said the bridge was closed.  So I turned south toward Orgnese and Sequals, crossed the river down there, and headed north toward Meduno.  I could see 11 paragliders flying along the mountain where I was headed.  At Meduno I turned right, starting the climb to Forcella Meduno, with nice sunny weather to the little pass at 650 meters.  From here a brief flattish stretch then steeply upward to Monte Valinis at 998 meters.  The paragliders' vans had all headed down while I headed upward, and now the skies grew menacingly dark.  I could hear thunder and see lightening flashing within towering stratocumulus clouds.  Descended as quickly as I could, then down to the previously closed Meduna bridge, which I had seen from the mountain was now open.  Not sure why it was closed an hour or so earlier.  I rode home as fast as possible, assisted by a tail wind.  Managed to make it home dry, but within 5 minutes the tempest hit.   Great ride!     

Downhill mountain bike racers:  come try this!

Clouds above Monte Raut 

Booming thunderheads- time to get the hell outta Dodge

More clouds to the north

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