Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Val Muiè

Val Muiè is one of the prettiest, most peaceful rides in this area.  It's also quite fun with a fast descent, lots of curves and some rolling saliscendi to keep you on your toes.  I warmed up riding to Maniago then headed up Valcolvera, opting for Bus di Colvera instead of the first tunnel.  Just before Poffabro took the right turn marked Navarons.  It's only been a few minutes since you've left civilization at Maniago but you could easily be a couple of centuries back in time in Val Muiè- nothing but forest, a white water stream, birds, surrounding snow-topped peaks.  The effect continues in Navarons, practically uninhabited in winter (in summer those who've moved away return for a few weeks).  Across the Meduna River, steeply up to the main road, then more rolling hills to Meduno, Fanna and home.  2 hours and 50km of happiness. 

Val Muiè vineyard

Monte Raut

Monte Jouf in background, Frisanco on the right


  1. When I was living in Maniago, this was one of my favourite places to ride... you're lucky to have it so close!