Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fregona - Grotte del Calglieron

A brief break in the rain/snow this morning, but temps still below freezing.  Paul Kim contacted several of us about riding, so Naz, I and some Italian friends showed up.  We headed out through Caneva and Sarmede, and a couple of the fellows mentioned they were in their 50s-60s.  In the back of my mind I must have thought "Finally someone I can keep up with" but I would be wrong.  Both were in great shape for their age and broke away from our little pack soloing for considerable distances.  I've learned my lesson:  never underestimate an older Italian cyclist.

We took a new route up to Fregona, and it's my new favorite.  As you run into Vittorio Veneto  take a right on Via Pola.  It's wonderful, with switchbacks up the wooded hillside and views of the city and plains below.  Near the top it passes over the entrance of Grotte del Calglieron, which looks like a spectacular cave; we'll have to tour it this summer.  From here we descended to Fregona then climbed up to Osigo.  We continued along the cliffside road to Rugolo, then headed home.  Hopefully I'll get to ride with this bunch again soon- they were great companions.   

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