Friday, January 25, 2013

Cornino - Monte Ragogna

The rain stopped today and I headed east to see the snow on the mountains.  I rode through Pinzano, up to Cornino, crossed the Tagliamento River, then took the rolling road up to Muris where the climb for Monte Ragogna begins.  It's very steep  (10.3% average, with 16% stretches), and has appeared in the Giro d'Italia previously.  Just below the top is a beautiful park with church and World War I memorial- I stopped to take some landscape pictures here because the top is covered with trees.  At the top I headed south on the ridge road, which is closed to cars because of a landslide.  Great ride, though I tweaked a groin muscle on the easy climb out from Meduno River up to Sequals (neglected to downshift).  Hopefully it will be all better by tomorrow.

Note: tried out my new Pearl Izumi Pro Barrier WxB gloves. I ordered them after my hands got wet, cold and numb a few weeks back.  Didn't get to test their water resistance yet, but they are nice and warm riding in 2℃ windy weather ( I had a thin pair of inserts inside).

Monte Ragogna- antennas at 500m, to right below them
 you can see chiesetta alpina Julia

Alpi Giulia from near Muris

Beautiful Alpi Giulia looking north

Tagliamento River and mountains near Austrian border

A view of the alps stretching to Slovenia

Chiesetta alpina Julia war memorial

Monte Cavallo floating in the clouds,
Castello di Pinzano in foreground

Monte Raut with Castelnovo del Friuli in foreground

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