Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sella Chianzutan 2012

Gorgeous morning!   A cold front came through Sunday morning and lowered temperatures to below May normals, then the wind last night blew away any remaining haze.  It was so nippy I put on my Castelli leg warmers, normally stowed away after March.  I warmed up through Arba and Pinzano, then headed north on Strada del Bottecchia.  Lots of grifoni were riding the thermals at the Riserva Naturale- I had to stop for a picture. 

I continued north but had a flat (front again) so changed the tube.  I found the gash in the tire from my previous ride but the tube hole didn't line up with it.  Still, I don't trust this tire anymore- will replace soon.  I rode through Avasinis and Alesso, then along the west side of Lago Cavazzo- very pretty.  Half way to Verzegnis the road was closed and I was routed a long way around, through Cavazzo Carnico, across the Tagliamento, to Tolmezzo, then across the Tagliamento again to the start of the climb.

The climb itself was stupendous, through dense fir then beech forest.  There are a few villages with meadows on the first half of the climb, and I said "Bon di" to a lady working in her garden.  She said "Grazie, è un vero bon di", she also knew this was an especially fine day.  At 800 meters the forest gave way to alpine meadows, through which the road switchbacked to the sella at 954m.  I took a few pictures but it was quite cold now that I'd stopped my exertions.  I headed down the other side, through spectacular Val d'Arzino and San Francesco to Anduins.  A strong headwind was blowing from the sella all the way to Lestans, where I turned west toward home.  I made it home but legs were very tired. 

Huge wingspread of gliding grifone above Lago di Cornino

Monte Verzegnis 1914m to west

Monte Piombada 1744m to east

Monte Sernio, 2197m to the north

Rode counterclockwise


  1. ho fatto anche questa???
    ma le fai tutte, sei un grande!!!

  2. Si, ma le sono salito solamente una per giorno, non tutto insieme come voi!