Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Passi Praderadego - San Boldo

Previously rode this double climb in June 2011 http://dolomiti-friulane.blogspot.it/2011/06/passo-praderadego-da-gus.html .  This time I decided to try it in reverse direction, with Praderadego first, then San Boldo.  Definitely easier this way.  I was lucky and 2 cycling friends, Doug and Paul wanted to go.   We cruised out past Vittorio Veneto and then turned at Valmareno toward the pass.  It's a very wild landscape with stone cliffs and dense forest.  The previous dirt road section has now been paved and is in perfect condition.  We descended the steep north side to Gus, then continued on the main Belluno-Feltre road until Trichiana.  The San Boldo climb from this side was new to me and is beautiful and a bit easier.  After the pass we descended the scala of tornanti with U-shaped gallerias at the ends down to Tovena.  From here Paul, who's a very strong cyclist, wanted to climb Passo San Lorenzo from Tarzo to Vittorio Veneto.  Afterwards I was toast but continued pedaling as best I could the rest of the way home.  Doug was very kind and accompanied me to Giais to make sure I made it up the hill.  Another great ride with perfect weather and excellent company!

View from Passo Praderadego toward Valmareno
and prosecco hills

Rock tower below Paso Praderadego

Climb up Praderadego, bottom to top

Passo San Boldo climb, from top to bottom
The third climb is Passo San Lorenzo

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