Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cuel di Forchia da Avasinis

This morning was so beautiful I was obliged to go for a ride.  After an easy ride to Pinzano I headed north along the Tagliamento on Strada del Bottecchia.  Dozens of grifoni were gliding along the cliffs above Lago Cornino.  I turned left toward Avasinis and then left again onto Via Novedet- the start of the climb.  In the first 400m up to the crucifix you average 14% gradient.  It then lessens to 10-12% for several km, immersed in dense forest with glimpses of Lago di Cavazzo to north.  After another tilt upward to 14-15% you reach a false flat through meadows with some rustic houses.  Great views to north here.  The road now continues even more steeply with sections of 18-20%.  I was gasping for air but made it through the worst without stopping (which would entail rolling back downhill a ways to restart).  The remaining climb to the pass Cuel di Forchia is easy.  From there you descend a bit and then reascend to Val Tochel.  Down the narrow road to Monte Prat, then down wonderful wide, smooth switchbacks to San Rocco, then Forgaria and home.  Stupendo!

BTW this climb was part of stage 18 of 2006 Giro d'Italia.  You can read an account of Marzio Brusgehin and Stefan Schumacher's battle up Cuel di Forchia here: 

View to northwest at 750m

Close up with Monte Arvenis (1968m) in background 

View to north

View northeast

View south of Monte Cuar east peak

Glider being towed.  Before I could see it, I thought it was a
tractor going uphill- that's how hard the engine
was straining to get up over the mountain

Ridden counterclockwise

7.5km averaging 9.4% gradient
A couple of the steeper ramps


  1. sorry for my english! these cuel di forchia is present in the "corsa per haiti"???
    maybe i race in these "salita", very hard, with the rain very very hard, after 100km on the race... very very very hard!!!

  2. Si, ho letto il tuo blog- era l'ispirazione per la mia passeggiata sulla Cuel di Forchia!

    1. posso scriver in italiano...
      sai che sei l'ennesima persona che mi dice di prender ispirazione dal blog, mi sa che ci farò su un post, è una cosa che mi lusinga tantissimo...
      duretta cuel di forchia, la discesa iniziale poi!!!