Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monte Pizzoc da Villa di Villa

This climb is really 2 climbs in one. The first, from Villa di Villa to La Crosetta gains 1037 meters in 15 km. After a short descent the second, Monte Pizzoc gains 438 meters in 6.5 km, reaching altitude of 1549 meters.

I warmed up on Via Pedemontane to Caneva, then headed toward Sarmede. At Villa di Villa you just keep heading uphill. You climb along the rim of a cava or open pit mine and then enter a zone of cespugli or scrubby trees. They give a little shade here and there, quite welcome on this hot morning. Finally around 700-800 meters altitude you enter a deeply shaded forest of beech and spruce trees. Always feels like cool, refreshing twilight along this stretch. The pavement through here is pretty torn up- better suited for a mountain bike. At 980 meters you join the well-paved road coming up from Sarone-Caneva, and continue through the shady woods until La Crosetta at 1118 meters.

After a short downhill stretch you turn left and hit the steep start of Monte Pizzoc climb. They have repaved much of this road since I was last here and it's excellent, both to climb and descend. Before you had to dodge crumbling pavement, craters etc which made fast descending terrifying. This is one of the prettiest forests around here- very tall, wide beech trees with lots of space between them. The trees give way to alpine meadows at 1350 meters, with great panoramas on clear days. You continue grappling up the slope until 1530 meters where pavement ends. I continued on dirt to the flat summit at 1549 meters.

The fast descent felt great. I continued down to Sarone, where it was quite hot, and on toward home.

Terraced meadows at 450 meters

The hazy valley of Revine Lago and Cison di Valmarino

Col Visentin 1763m

Il Cansiglio with Monte Cavallo in background

Beautiful area between Vittorio Veneto and Monte Pizzoc
 I need to explore this

Rode clockwise

1450 meter climb in 22 km
(including the short descent after La Crosetta)

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