Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Our rainy weather finally broke for a few hours so I took a quick flattish ride up to Meduno, down to Travesio, across through Sequals to Arba and home.  Nice tailwind heading out but I paid on the way home- all headwind.  Good workout though.  Hopefully we'll get another patch of sun on Thursday morning so I can head for the hills.

Rode clockwise


  1. Hi Billy...you are living my dream, hiking and biking the tiny hills of Italy. I am stuck in Puerto Rico for a while. We have a few hills here but they are short and very steep. Nothing like the monsters that you have there. Here, after fighting to get to the top of the climb, you cannot even enjoy the downhill. There are too many switchbacks with cars coming around on the wrong side of the road. They are courteous enough to sound their horn though as they come around the turn to force you off the road into God knows what.

    How have you been? My email is rtwilliams@pol.net
    I am working as a physician at the V.A. in San Juan P.R. Doing triathlons to try to stay young. Not much else.

    Drop me a few dozen paragraphs and catch me up.

    Bob Williams

    1. Bob I emailed you. Spam filter may not have recognized the sender address though- it's pastasugo AT gmail DOT com