Thursday, April 12, 2012

Piani di Clauzetto

Woke this morning and the rain had stopped again- blue skies in every direction.  Outside my bedroom window the mountains were bright white with fresh snow.   I got on the bike and headed east toward Meduno, then north along Lago di Tramonti.  The lake had been quite low before, but now is brimming.  Waterfalls are tumbling down the hillsides, and Monte Rest and Monte Valcalda are coated with snow.

Near the north end of the lake I turned east toward Campone.   Lovely ride along Torrente Chiarzo roiling with white water, followed by the climb up to Piani di Clauzetto (670m).  From here I rode down to Gerchi and the rushing headwaters of Torrente Cosa.  Then another little climb up to the town of Clauzetto, and down the lovely switchbacks to Travesio.  Watch out for lots of little catkin flowers on the curves- they are wet and slippery.

Flat ride home was a little windy with threatening black thunderheads covering the sky.  Somehow I made it home before the rain started- good ride!  

View from my bedroom window this morning

This cascade was completely dry 2 weeks ago

Lago di Tramonti full to the brim

Monte Rest and MonteValcalda snowy again

Rode clockwise

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