Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pala Barzana -Piancavallo

Today was a nice change from my usual solitary explorations.  Three friends Doug, Joe and Naz came along too.  From Maniago's Piazza Roma we cruised to Poffabro and on up to Pala Barzana (842m).   From here we descended to Lago di Barcis (400m) and up the lovely northeast side of Piancavallo  (1300m).  A lovely warm day for a ride and fun having someone to chat with on the long climb.

Note: The elevation gain, moving time, distance below are erroneous (I had the Garmin in standby while waiting for the folks' arrival at Maniago and forget to turn it back on until after Poffabro).  You can compare to previous trips on this route: and

3 or 4 sets of tornanti ease the steepness
The 2 climbs

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