Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cornino-Monte Ragogna

After a week of rain I'm finally back in the saddle again.  Got off to a slow start- my muscles weren't tired, it just felt as if I didn't have any energy.  Luckily after Sequals I suddenly recovered and felt great.  There were many cyclists on the road because of the holiday.  At Pinzano I decided to head up the west bank of the Tagliamento to Cornino.  Here I crossed the rain-swollen river and gently climbed to Muris.  This is the start of the short but steep ascent of Monte Ragogna.   I stood on the 12% to 17% sections and remained seated the rest of the time.  At the top is a flattish kilometer along the ridge, which is nice after a steep climb instead of always steeply descending immediately.  After the descent I continued on the twisty road back to Pinzano.  I raced a group of tall black thunderheads all the way home, narrowly missing the rain showers.  Fun ride!  

The rushing waters of the Tagliamento
skirting Monte Ragogna in the distance

Note the silt-laden rain runoff joining
the normally aquamarine-colored Tagliamento 

A couple of the tunnels drilled (blasted?) into the
World War I fortress within Monte Ragogna

10% average gradient for 2.75 km

Some of the steep stretches

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