Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Malga Monte Fara

The forecast called for rain (which we need!) but I looked outside this morning and the sky was crystal clear.  So I tried another nearby lungbuster, the ascent to Malga Monte Fara.  After warming up through the 4km tunnel toward Barcis, I turned off at Andreis and rode along Torrente Alba.  Next turn right onto the climb for Bosplans.  After Bosplans  continue climbing up to 660 meters, where a gravely road enters from the right.  After the gravel the road is paved but quickly gets very steep.  I stopped to go under the barrier (for cars I presume) and continued upward.  Quite a lot of loose rock so must be careful not to lose traction when standing in the pedals.  I stood most of the way and almost ran out of breath but made it to the top (964m).  

Descending I just gripped the brakes all the way, as the gravel made gathering speed dangerous.  I rejoined the main road and resumed climbing to Pala Barzana (850m), then down the other side.  Took the shortcut through Val di Frina instead of Poffabro.  After Valcolvera I checked out the newly refurbished tunnel- very well-lit and paved now.  I'll definitely use it more often.  Continued home through Maniago and the bridge at Ravedis.  Great ride.

The steep gravely climb to the malga

Pala Barzana climbed from left, over the top and down toward the right 

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