Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monte Valinis 2012

Another favorite nearby climb today- from Meduno up to Monte Valinis.  After a quick warm up ride to Meduno I rode up the switchbacks through a couple of small borghi to Forchia Meduno at 650 meters.  I was quite hot by now, despite being in short sleeves.  The 1.5km false-flat through dense spruce forest to Forchia Piccola cooled me off a little too much.  Luckily I immediately started a 3 km ascent at 10% gradient to Valinis- that heated me back up despite the coolness.  The asphalt ends at 940 meters, but I continued on the gravel road to 1000 meters, where the parapendio launch.  There was a mini-bus from  Germany and at least 10 parapendi swooping around the cliffs and the grassy summit.  I quickly donned my windjacket and descended to escape the cold.  Excellent ride! 

Parapendio returning to strafe the launch area

4 or 5 parapendi riding thermals along the cliffs here

Monte Cavallo (2250m) and other peaks to the west

Monte Raut (2025m)

Monte Rest (1780m) to north

Monte Verzegnis (1914m) to northeast

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