Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mezzomonte, Val de Croda, Rifugio Bornass

No time for a long ride today so I tried to string together a few local climbs.  A heavy rain last night  cleared away the clouds, so it's sunny and mild.  I warmed up with a ride down Via Pedemontane past Polcenigo to Coltura (50m), and then climbed up to Mezzomonte (475m). 

Next I descended back to Polcenigo and climbed up past Budoia to Dardago.  From here a nice steady climb up Val de Croda to end of pavement at 535m.

Then I returned to Via Pedemontane and climbed past Aviano to Costa (205m).   From here I climbed past Madonna della Monte to Rifugio Bornass (767m).  Descending down the switchbacks toward Pedemonte gave me a chance to test my new brake pads.  My old Campagnolo pads were finally roasted after 3 years, so yesterday I switched them out for some aftermarket pads I bought awhile ago.  They worked ok, but not as powerful as Campy- they seem to require a bit more distance to stop.  On the fast stretch with double chicane, I got up to about 50 mph before hitting the brakes hard when rapidly approaching a  tornante and got a loud squeal from the front brake.  No problem, they'll work fine until new Campy pads arrive in the mail.

Good workout, close to home on a lovely sunny morning.  Love it here!  

Elevation of the 3 climbs

Mezzomonte and Val de Croda climbs

Rifugio Bornass climb and descent to Pedemonte

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