Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monte Bernardia da Monteaperta

Today another exploration of the Julian pre-alps northeast of Udine.  I started from Nimis (207m) and headed up the cool gorge of Torrente Cornappo as before, but this time continued to Monteaperta, a hillside town at 635 meters.  Nice views of Monte Briniza (1636m) above, as well as the surrounding forested hills and valleys.  From here I continued on a lovely, level hillside road to Villanova (670m).  Great panorama here of Val Torre and the long high ridge of Monte Musi (1878m), separating the pre-alps from Val Resia and the Julian Alps.

From Villanova I followed the easy climb up to Monte Bernardia (850m) on a shady, quiet mountain lane.  Here is the restored Monte Lonza fortress from World War I, and a tall monument with beacon honoring the Alpini, Italian mountain soldiers.

The descent is a series of switchbacks, and surprisingly shady given its southern exposure.  I'll have to climb it though to see how it feels from that angle. 

Good ride, with many possible variations, Lusevera and Vedronza to mention only two.  I'll definitely be back. 

Tumbling stream along the level hillside road
from Monteaperta to Villanova 

From Villanova- Val Torre below Monte Musi ridge

Monte Lonza fortress atop Monte Bernardia

Alpini monument and beacon

View of forest and vineyards to the south 

Elevation showing the average 10% gradient up to Monteaperta,
and the easy ascent to Monte Bernardia

From Val Cornappo, up to Monteaperta, and across to Villanova

Villanova to Monte Bernardia and descent

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