Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meduno - Barcis

The weather has been quite tricky this week- partly cloudy with random showers.  Finally decided instead of driving somewhere and getting soaked I would just risk it here.  So I rode from home to Meduno.

From there I rode up the little valley from Navarons to Poffabro.  Then up over Pala Barzana.  The road is marked closed, but was fine: only 2 short stretches of sterrata at 650 and 720m.  The signs did cut down on the usual summer weekend tourist traffic though.

After descending to Lago di Barcis I headed up the climb to Piancavallo.  This road was also marked closed, and after 3 km of climbing I reached the barrier at 630 meters, just after Pezzeda.  They weren't kidding this time- the temporary gate is located on a bridge over a stream, so no way of going around it.  Even the bolts holding the gate's u-bolts to the guardrails were welded in place- they thought of everything.

I turned around and headed back down to the lake.  Lots of tourists walking their dogs etc along the quiet road around the back of the lake.

Rode fast as possible through the tunnels toward home.  It looked like it had just rained on the bridge over the new lake at Ravedis, but I stayed dry other than a little spray.

Ended up with only 1000m of climbing as opposed to 2000, but that's ok- they've got to fix the frani (landslides) so we can ride the back way up the mountain in future.

Elevation of Pala Barzana and truncated climb up Piancavallo

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