Sunday, March 20, 2011

Il Cansiglio da Farra d'Alpago

A week of rain has ended, and I set out today on the road to Vittorio Veneto.  Literally hundreds of cyclists were on the roads- some in packs and some in smaller groups.  I passed a tired fellow near Sarone and he drafted on me to Caneva.  It felt nice to help someone out.  After Vittorio Veneto I headed up to Lago Santa Croce.  Beautiful reflections of surrounding snowy peaks.   
I stopped to snap some pictures (with new waterproof camera), and when I restarted, a fellow passed me.  I jumped on his wheel and hurried to keep up.  This may have saved a little time, but I would pay later for this needless expenditure of energy.  Shortly, I arrived at Farra (400 meters) and turned right toward Tambre.  Almost immediately, I hit a wall of 13%.  Instinctively I stood on this, but stopped after a few hundred meters to get pictures of a patch of unusual flowers along the road.  From here the road continues climbing for 4 km at average 9.3%, till it reaches the village of Valdengher at 863 meters.   
The road descends and climbs again repeatedly, first to Spert, then on to a deviazione for road work, which includes a 13% stretch.  Back on the main road, you descend to a bridge over Rio Perosa, then up a long stretch of 10-12% through fir trees to Campon.  Down again now to the meadows of Pianosteria, and finally Il Cansiglio.  Beautiful clear day, but a bit windy here on the altopiano.
After another little climb through fir and beech forest to La Crosetta (1120 meters), the long descent begins.  No snow now (it’s all melted in the past 2 weeks), and the roads to Monte Pizzoc and Villa di Villa appeared clear.  The descent of 1070 meters in 16 km took about 25 minutes.  Very fun.
The 20 km ride home on Via Pedemontane was again a struggle- I ran out of tea in my Camelbak, and my legs felt kind of rubbery.  This stretch took about an hour.   Just in time to walk the pups (helps flush lactic acid out of leg muscles).  Great ride- and sets the stage for climbs to Monte Pizzoc (1565 meters), Monte Dolada (1490 meters) and beyond.

BTW, you can easily bypass the steep 4 km climb out of Farra by continuing on the flat to Puos and Cornei- 7 km further, but more gentle climb via Tambre and Spert.  See Lago Santa Croce - Il Cansiglio

Belluno mountains reflected in Lagos Santa Croce 

Monte Teverone (2348 m) and Crep Nudo (2200 m)

Beautiful alpine wildflower (dente di cane)

Put camera on ground to shoot this close up from below (maybe 7 cm away) 

Monte Venal (2212 m) and Monte Messer (2230 m)

Monte Guslon (2195 m) Monte Castelat (2208 m)
Cima delle Vacche (2063 m)

Piancansiglio with snowy Monte Pizzoc in distance (1565 m)

Gradient from Farra, through Spert, Campon, Piancansiglio

Map of climb

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