Thursday, March 24, 2011

Val Muié - Lago di Selva

Got a late start- so chose a medium-sized ride.  Headed up through Bus di Colvera to Poffabro.  From here, a beautiful uninhabited descent down Val Muié to Navarons.  After a short jaunt north along the Meduna River, I turned left at the dam of Lago dei Tramonti.  Followed the east shore of the lake for awhile, then crossed the bridge over Torrente Silisia to Chievolis.

Now the climb starts, gaining 130 meters in the first 1.5 km- about 8.7%.  There is a 2 km rolling stretch next, losing and regaining altitude repeatedly.  Then another short climb of about 1 km, gaining another 100 meters (roughly 10%).  The road is carved into the side of the steep gorge of Torrente Silisia, one or two hundred meters below.  You can hear the rushing white water below, particularly at one narrow rock chute where the sound comes closer to thunder.  I'd love to hike down there someday- that would be awesome.

After descending to 500 meters at Lago di Selva, you cross the high dam, and the road turns to dirt.  Looks like a nice MTB ride.  The lake is surrounded by mountains, most spectacularly to the southeast, where the back of Monte Raut (2025 m) looms.

The ride back was fun- I returned via Meduno instead of Poffabro.  Quite a few cyclists out for a weekday- but it's unseasonably warm for March:  20℃ (or 68℉).  If it could only last!

Waterfall and rapids far below in the gorge of Torrente Silisia

Thundering white water in chutes of Torrente Silisia gorge

Forca della Media (1492 m) north of lake

Monte Corda (1463 m) north of lake

Gradient from Lago dei Tramonti to Lago di Selva

Elevation from Lago dei Tramonti to Lago di Selva 

Val Muié is red line at bottom.
Climb to Lago di Selva red line at top.

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  1. "Forca della Media" is behind the leftmost summit in the shot. Therefore is not visible.
    "Monte Corda (1463 m) north of lake"... this is actually the Monte Buttignan, which is East of the lake.
    Best regards