Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lago di Barcis - Colalto

This is a wonderful climb from Lake Barcis (400 m) up the Val Caltea to Piancavallo and Colalto (1374 m).  It is mostly uninhabited, without traffic, and completely silent, except for white water rushing down the rocks of Torrente Caltea.  Surrounding the road is beech tree forest with moss-covered karst boulders strewn everywhere.

The first 8 km, up to around 900 meters, is the steepest part of the climb (around 8% average).  After that it settles down to around 5% average, though don't get too complacent as there's a 10% stretch around 1100 meters.  Above 900 meters there was snow along the sides of the road, but it was well-plowed and never a problem.

After reaching the altopiano I tried the backroad up through Colalto- unfortunately it is still snowed over after the summit.  So I descended on the main road down to Pedemonte, very fast and fun.

This is a great ride and I recommend it to anyone who likes quiet forest and falling water.

Mountains to northwest reflected on Lake Barcis

Torrente Caltea waterfall 

Monte Caulana (2068 m) and Monte Il Piz (1756 m)

End of plowed road at Colalto (1374 m)

Map of the climb

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  1. Why did they stop plowing at that point? Everything looks so beautiful in your pictures.