Tuesday, March 29, 2011

La Crosetta to Monte Pizzoc

After raining all night it was clear and sunny this morning.  I cruised down Via Pedemontana to Sarone (50 m) and headed upward.  I remained seated for most of the climb up to La Crosetta at (1127 m), with many stretches of 10-12%, and a few pitches at 13-14%.  It was sunny and hot for the first half, then a big black cloud appeared and it cooled off.  Even had a little light sleet, but not bad.

After La Crosetta there's a short downhill, and the climb to Monte Pizzoc begins.  They've repaved the first half km, which is quite steep and previously had a lot of loose stone and pavement.  Much better now.  Then the road climbs up through beautiful old beech tree forest with signs marking several biogenetic zones. Around 1400 meters this beautiful environment ends, and you enter alpine meadows.  They are covered in tufts of grass, which look a little like Cousin It of the Addams Family.  Some snow persisted in the fields along the road, and several of the round cattle ponds were still frozen over.  At 1540 meters the pavement ends.  I got a few pictures, but not the greatest because of the clouds and haze.

Very cold on the descent.  Warmed up a little around 600 meters when the sun came out.  After rejoining Via Pedemontana I spun all the way home.  Felt pretty good- didn't bonk because I drank plenty of fluids.  I will sleep very soundly tonight.

Lago Revine west of Vittorio Veneto

Clouds and mountains above Piancansiglio

Gradient to La Crosetta then to Monte Pizzoc

Satellite foto of climb to La Crosetta

Climb from La Crosetta to Monte Pizzoc

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