Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Piancavallo da Barcis

Wonderful climb from Lago di Barcis (400 meters) up to Piancavallo (1310 meters). The ride is through deserted wilderness along Torrente Caltea, cascading down from the altopiano. Miles of forest and karst stone outcroppings, completely silent except for the rush of snowmelt in the gorge and birdsong.

The road is very good on the lower half, with well-made tornanti to ease the grade, though it still has stretches of 8-10%. Higher up though, the pavement is broken up by frost heave, with many loose pebbles. Luckily the grade also eases a bit on these higher sections, so no traction problems.

At Piancavallo there was some remaining snow, but the skiers are all gone- a ghost town. I tried taking the road up over Col Alto down to Castaldia, where the parapendia jump off the slopes, but the road was snowed over above 1388 meters. So I rode back down to Piancavallo, then zoomed down the 1200 meter descent to Pedemonte, at Aviano. From the rushing wind of the descent I couldn't hear much on the remaining 200 meter climb home. Great ride.

Mountains above Lago di Barcis

Fiume Cellina gorge below Barcis dam

Torrente Caltea waterfall

Looking back from Piancavallo toward mountains above Barcis

Monte Cavallo, center, looming over Col Alto

Too much snow on road to Col Alto- try again later


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  1. I can almost smell the fresh mountain air.
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