Friday, April 30, 2010

Andreis - Pala Barzana

The climb to Pala Barzana from Andreis is shorter but steeper than from Poffabro (see Pala Barzana ). Either way though, it's a good work out and very close to home.

After the 4km tunnel, you turn off the main road and head gently uphill. A kilometer and a half later you turn off the road to Andreis and start up a 9% slope. After the little village of Bosplans the road does a kilometer or so of 9-15%. I was panting but remained seated for the climb. The grade eases up a bit (down to 7-8%) and winds on up to the forcella. Suddenly the forest canopy opens into a grassy meadow, surrounded by higher rocky peaks.

I had a snack there, then headed down the well-engineered road to Poffabro. It passes through a fir tree forest, then into faggio and other deciduous trees. It is more exposed to the sun than the climb from Andreis, but both have wonderful panoramas. Lovely streams with snowmelt criss-cross the road- the sound is enchanting.

After descending through Poffabro, I reached Bus di Colvera and stopped to enjoy the rushing white water. Very special place.

So try the climb both ways- you'll love them both.

Looking up from Forcella Pala Barzana at Monte Raut

Spring foliage above the tornanti

Mountain stream

Map of the climb

Ride profile

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