Sunday, April 11, 2010

Val d'Artugna

Quick ride down Via Pedemontane Occidenatale to Dardago, then up the climb through the Val d'Artugna. It's between 7% and 10% for 3 or 4 km, good pavement, and lovely scenery. I posted about this route previously in January ( ) but that time I stopped at the barrier (450 meters) because of ice higher up. This time I continued up to the end of asfalto at 577 meters. The descent was great- very fast. Rode up the 200 meter climb toward home quickly, even passing a paceline (GS Pratenese bike club), but in fairness they had just just come down from Rifugio Bornass, so they were probably pretty tired. Great ride!

Looking back down the valley toward the plain


Ride profile

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